Favor AS

Metalworking company

Favor AS aim was to find better alternitives to traditional unefficient lighting and at the same time improve lighting solutions.Installed illuminaires have fullfilled their expectations.

First three HexLED and Luminaires United installed on 2014, WareLED and OutLED were installed a year later.

Compare to the production of energy with pluse start metal halide lamp, they won 60%. Adding Luminaires United, they won over 70% savings.

OutLED product family enlighten outdoor area significantly better.


Who are They?


Favor is an Estonian metalworking company established 1990. Today Favor is the largest enterprise in the region specialised on thin sheet metalworking.

Favor AS is divided into three major business lines:

  • CutCenter;
  • Metaform ;
  • Profiline.

They export 50% of poduced products.

Kodasema OÜ

Developer and manufacturer of movable concrete houses in Harku parish
products used

The aim was through a better and more economical lighting to preserve nature and thereby save energy. Kodasema solved highbay general lighting with luminaires HexLED 3 and in a bit shallower areas were used HexLED 1 luminaires.
The first HexLED 3 luminaires were installed in early 2015 and from that time most of luminaires have been replaced in production area. Energy savings has not been measured.

Who are They?

Kodasema OÜ was established in 2013. They are developing movable modular houses and manufacturing them. Moreover, houses and apartments can’t be moved – but KODA can. KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over.

Tarmeko LPD

Furniture Manufacturer in Tartu,Estonia
products used

Their aim was to improve lighting solutions nearby machines. They used HexLED3 and HexLED 1 solutions, which provided results they were looking for.

Who are They?

Tarmeko LPD OÜ is furniture manufacturer , who is specialised unite natural wood and other natural materials like leather or fabric and produce luxurious pieces of furniture . Their clients are mainly furniture manifacturers in Scandinavia.

Tiksoja Puidugrupp AS

Furniture Manufacturer in Tartu, Estonia
products used

Their aim was to improve lighting nearby machines. On places like these, spotlights are usually very complicated to install. Tiksoja Puidugrupp solved the situation with Leden’s HexLED 3 general luminaires, which give enough illuminance in an area large enough. The installation was made in summer 2015.

Who are They?

AS Tiksoja Puidugrupp is a 110-employee wood furniture manufacturer founded in 1997. The revenue in 2014 was 11 million euros. Their clients are long-term partners from the leading furniture chains in Western Europe– from  France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Holland. The production and manufacturing process in the company is effective, racional and precise. They use the top technology in furniture manufacturing and a big part of their manufacturing process is automated.