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Leden luminaires help you save on energy costs

Energy-efficient lighting fittings are the future. Using Leden LED luminaires, you can easily save up to 70 percent of the energy consumed by traditional light sources. We achieve a higher level of efficiency in Leden luminaires by using high-quality LED chips in an innovative way by not overloading them.

We all want to keep costs low. Outdated illumination can account for a significant part in a company’s energy costs. Use our calculator to learn how much you can save with Leden LED luminaires.

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Leden luminaires increase efficiency

Sufficient, high-quality lighting is a major factor in a pleasant and efficient work environment – it ensures good performance and improves the quality of work. Neutral white and cool white light make employees brisker, and so the work can be done more efficiently and with better quality. The risk of occupational accidents is reduced, as are the costs of redoing defective work that results from fatigue. Your customers will enjoy a higher quality, and shorter delivery times.

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The smart design of Leden luminaires can help save the environment

Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important concept in the illumination industry. Thanks to high-quality LED technology and smart design, Leden luminaires are energy-saving and have a very long life span. Leden luminaires work for over 70,000 hours, while the lifetime of halogen lamps is just 500-3000 hours, and that of fluorescent lamps is 6000-20,000 hours. The longevity of Leden luminaires allows you to simply forget about these maintenance-free luminaires after installation, and engage in your work. Long life, low energy consumption, and safe technology make Leden LED luminaires environmentally friendly and significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

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Leden luminaires can be set to communicate with one another and to collect data

The Luminaires United application enables the luminaires to be controlled either individually or in groups in a flexible manner. The control helps you achieve even greater energy savings. With Luminaires United, the luminaires can be simply and conveniently adapted to the changing needs of the work environment – without excessive costs. In addition to control, luminaires can be set to collect data in their locations. If you need to measure temperature, humidity, etc. or to identify goods, there is no need to build a separate sensor system – all this can be done with the help of your luminaires. Luminaires United uses Thinnect’s Mist technology to interact with luminaires. The interaction is based on radio communication and does not require cables for data communication.

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